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Class Action Mediation

Class action settlements are not like individual settlements. Success requires not only good negotiation skills, but also a deep understanding of the complex settlement approval process and of the types of settlement terms that are likely or unlikely to be approved. A mediator who brings those skills and that understanding can help parties resolve their class actions and avoid the significant delay and expense resulting from disapproval.

In his 25-plus years of class action practice, Don has litigated class actions and negotiated many class action settlements in a variety of federal and state courts. With that background, his training and experience as a mediator and as a special master, and his ability to work well with both plaintiff and defense attorneys, Don can help parties reach agreement on settlements that will withstand judicial scrutiny.​

Class Action Consulting

Law firms that lack experienced class action litigators are sometimes asked to assist their clients with class action cases. Don frequently works with such firms to help them provide their clients effective representation. Whether he works purely behind-the-scenes or in a more visible role, Don can provide the support you need to help your clients achieve their goals.

Class Action Training

Class action lawsuits are different from and more complex than two-party litigation. Lawyers with little or no class action experience may be ill-equipped to enter the arena. Judges and in-house legal departments also may be required to confront class actions without the benefit of relevant training or experience.

Don has taught law school and continuing legal education courses on class action law and procedure and has trained law firm and in-house lawyers in the complex procedures and strategies unique to class action lawsuits. He can provide similar training to other lawyers and judges through courses customized to meet their specific needs.

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